Animation of individual Python-processed video frames based on scanned rubber-stamps sets and recorded time-lapses
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Despite a rich history of recurring patterns since the tulipmania in the 17th century, where the prices of flowers were once higher than annual incomes, market cycles continue generating market bubbles. The excitement over potential short-term gains and overwhelmingly inconsistent market data wrongly encourages people to partake in behaviours that clash with their beliefs. This repeatedly causes people to follow the crowd despite their better judgement.

In the fast-paced crypto world, the frequency of bubbles appears to match the environment accordingly. Within a few years, we saw ICOs, DeFi and NFTs. The next bubble might be just around the corner. After all, history repeats itself. Hopes and values keep spiralling high, where they dissolve like clouds.

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Mar 6th, 2022
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Mar 6th, 2022
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Apr 20th, 2022
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