Modus Operandi Zero - Martin Lukas Ostachowski
Acrylics on acrylic board with WIFI-connected Arduino microcontroller and 37 API-controlled LEDs
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Artwork Description

Over the past few years, habitual checking of current crypto values has reached a point of obsession, intruding upon personal and intimate moments. This reflects the fast-paced commercialization, commodification, and consolidation of the crypto space.

Modus Operandi—Zero emblematizes the inevitable evolution of this obsession by embedding a fully functional chart and live visualization within a painting. The artwork aims to transform anxiety-inducing candle bar charts into serene animations, capable of both claiming a permanent position in the most intimate sphere—the personal living space—and blurring the distinction between physical and digital art.

Created in collaboration with Pascal Le Pesant.

Physical Artwork Information

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Acrylic board
No augmented reality
Montreal, QC
20 x 20 in.
51 x 51 cm
Edition 1 of 1