Hashtag Lambo - Martin Lukas Ostachowski
Community member submitted photographs manually assembled into a collage
Edition of 37

Artwork Description

The hashtag “Lambo” in the context of cryptocurrency is often used humorously or ironically to refer to the idea of making substantial profits from investing in cryptocurrencies, later, NFTs, and subsequently being able to afford a Lamborghini sports car. The term gained popularity during the cryptocurrency boom and bull markets when many individuals experienced significant financial gains from their initial investments in Bitcoin.

The concept of buying a Lamborghini as a symbol of success became associated with the idea that cryptocurrency investments could lead to substantial wealth within a relatively short period of time. Early adopters seeing their Bitcoin values dramatically appreciating fueled this concept. As a result, buying a Lamborghini with cryptocurrency gains became a pop and meme culture within the cryptocurrency community.

Using the hashtag “Lambo” on social media platforms or online forums often indicates a playful reference to the hope or expectation of achieving substantial profits from crypto and NFTs. The origins of the phrase remain mysterious. Some attribute the Reddit and Bitcoin forum memes to stories around teenagers cashing out crypto and unintentionally attracting the attention of the police and tax authorities. In contrast, others see their origin in traders and technologists converting minuscule investments into Italian racecars.

The hashtag “Lambo” serves as a reminder of the potential rewards and the speculative nature of investing in this space. While it may attract many people into the crypto space, the dream of the Lambo will dissolve, for the vast majority, like a cloud.

Hashtag Lambo is a collaborative artwork between artist Martin Lukas Ostachowski and the NewHere community. Thirty-five community members joined the collaboration and submitted cloud images which the artist manually arranged into a collage. The artwork was created with the submissions of:

@coleco, @0xprmn, @aaronblaisdell, rumdoodle, @benpenguin_ ,NFTSALE, @bujoe85, @chillzzzone, @cryptopunkart, @dan_sickles, David J Stiles, echodust, @fraddison, @gazzinho, @HRoodman, J5eth.eth, @jay_wooow, @songadaymann, @kcaryths, @lexokinetic, @Marnxie, NFT-Mint-As, Michael Sanabria, @modnarwolf, begood.eth, @qa_corey, Roger Bos, @RoninToday, @SepterraNFT, @shibboleth88, @thecryptk33per, @theog__, @TreeWaterfall, @un1c8t0r, @xavieriturralde

Digital Artwork Information

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