3D animation of Python-processed aerial photos
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Artwork Description

Upgrade Ability explores the overlooked threat of the ability to upgrade smart contracts. Apart from the risk of a flawed upgrade, an overwhelming number of smart contracts can be upgraded by a single externally-owned wallet address. This precarious centralization is one of hackers’ most common attack vectors — a metaphorical idiom that eludes everyone’s concern.

Upgrade Ability was released during the Intimate Visions special collection. This collection brings together a leading group of artists who create distinct visual language and representations of their surrounding space. Together, these artworks generate a universe of their own, from impossible architecture, visions of the sky, poetic notions, dreamlike landscapes and intimate objects. This collection invites viewers to experience and explore a modular universe inspired by art and technology.

In the primary sale, the artwork is available as a custom physical Infinite Objects video frame paired with the corresponding NFT.

Digital Artwork Information

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1,080 x 1,920