New Artwork Failsafe Architecture - Preview
Failsafe Architecture highlighted the advantage of distributed and decentralized networks.

Apr 21st, 2021

Across the continents, thousands of computers maintain Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network, a global distribution designed to defy the odds and maintain its integrity under almost all circumstances. The network distributes information continuously across all the computers or so-called nodes. This vast network maintains and verifies the blockchain independently. Hence, it is resistant to the failure of individual nodes or even events, such as entire countries banning its use. 

The network updates itself by creating new transaction blocks every ten minutes. Hackers would have to complete the virtually impossible task of taking over 51% of the entire network in a ten-minute timeframe. This decentralized network is substantially more secure than the centralized structures of corporations, banks or governments, which attract hackers, usually through only one entry point. It’s the first network architecture to operate failsafe since 2008.

Failsafe Architecture

Failsafe Architecture is an animation of 56 cut-out cloud photos. It is part of my current body of work entitled Network of Hope, which uses artwork to empower and educate about blockchain technology. In my work, I continuously explore clouds as both a subject and a medium.