Website Relaunch as
My website is relaunching as, with an increased focus on usability and mobile viewers.

Feb 1st, 2022

I was unexpectedly stranded in Canada and was unable to visit my family in Europe for the holidays. However, this allowed me to embark on my pet project: my new website. I have been working on its design and features for the last few years, mainly focused on incremental improvements. With this relaunch, I am redesigning my website from scratch.

Throughout this process, it was interesting to think back to how I started my website as an art blog back in 2014 and how it has changed over the years. By now, I have written over 110 blog posts and the structure of the website has had to adjust to an increasing body of artwork and new subjects.

Last website

The unexpected interest in NFTs this year resulted in a spike in the popularity of my history of crypto art timeline. That encouraged me to give this website an entire makeover and expand my crypto art writing into a whole section called “Research.” The site also features my work on defining crypto art, speaking engagements, and my first curatorial projects.

One of the focuses of this relaunch was to better present my artwork in order to inform existing and new collectors. The artwork section features more details, highlighting related exhibitions, press, and blog posts. I also expanded the blockchain transaction data on every primary sale or transfer for all editioned pieces. Additional filter and search functions improve the browsing through the artwork inventory

Additional meta and transaction data on artworks

With the relaunch, I also addressed some feedback from collectors regarding video previews and indications of which artworks feature both digital and physical editions. I also fixed the mobile responsiveness of all the website pages, a long-time issue for mobile visitors.  

Lastly, with the relaunch of my website, I am moving to my new domain: When I registered this domain last year, I started a slow transition to change all my social media handles from ArtbyMLO to MLOdotArt on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This relaunch finally concludes the transition. 

Since I am adding a lot more information, the update of the website will happen gradually over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy it.