Sette Magazine by Corriere della Sera features CADAF artists
Sette magazine by Corriere della Sera featured some of the artists participating at the CADAF fair.

Jun 19th, 2020

Pini, Francesca, Il sistema Blockchain per artisti sempre più virtuali, Corriere della Sera / Sette, Milan, Italy, (June 19th, 2020): p. 106

Sette is a weekly magazine by Corriere della Sera, which is one of Italy’s oldest and most-read newspapers based in Milan.

Translation: The digital turning point of recent months has also accelerated the world of art. With the Swiss 4art technology, based on Blockchain, the works can be secured via app by experts without viewing them live, creating a “passport”.

The LarvaLabs duo (with their 10 thousand CryptoPunk characters) works on the Ethereum Blockchain, among the many artists proposed by the third edition of CADAF (digital art fair with a crescendo of enthusiasts) no longer expected in Paris in a physical space but on the web (from 25 to 28 June). “Blockchain” artists are Martin Lukas Ostachowski, Espen Kluge (under The doctor here in town, 2019) and also the Italian duo Hackatao (online their new Renaissance work, a mix of digital and painting), brought by interesting galleries such as Breezy (on Instagram), Kate Vass or on the platform. The “institutional” support is provided by the Mana Center for the Arts (based in the USA) which will present 300 artists in their studios.