La Tribune features my first solo exhibition Tropopause Contemplation
La Tribune featured my solo exhibition Tropopause Contemplation: Blockchain Technology and Inclusive Decentralization.

Sep 15th, 2019

Vous Voulez Voir? Expo Contemplation Tropopause, La Tribune, Sherbrooke, QC Canada, (September 14th, 2019): p. 49

Translation: In recent years, artist Martin Lukas Ostachowski has made more than 200 flights around the world. He thus spent countless hours contemplating the clouds of the tropopause, this thin layer of the atmosphere where planes circulate. It was by observing these cloud formations that he thought he associated them with blockchain, this data storage technology behind cryptocurrencies. For the creator, this technology represents the transformation and hope of a fair distribution of wealth, which clouds could symbolize. Combining traditional art with industrial processes such as weaving, hand-cutting and laser cutting, the paper paintings in the exhibition illustrate the processes at the core of the blockchain environment, using visualizations that rely on algorithms and animations. It is also possible for the visitor to download an application on their cell phones in order to experience the artworks interactively.

At the Françoise-Dunn Community and Cultural Center until September 28.