Animation of imagined AI-generated cloudscapes
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Echo chambers of cognitive dissonance are often mistaken for tribes in the crypto space. Countless crypto and NFT projects maintain conspicuous positive communities while exploiting a desire to belong in the virtual realm. They encourage their members with lukewarm acronyms and share seemingly exclusive alpha.

However, beware of the Discord servers that call out any critical questions by trolling and fiercely banning other opinions. Unregulated spaces, legal grey zones, and perceived pseudo-anonymity have turned many venture capitalists, celebrities, and influencers into opportunists. Good vibes have only served to support uncompromising agendas, falsely dispel people’s doubts, and, more often than not, pull scams.

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Jun 2nd, 2022
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Jun 2nd, 2022
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OCt 14th, 2022
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