Art Show at Art Society Kingston
... and Blockchain Technology curated by Colborn Bell of the Museum of Crypto Art and Joe Mangrum

Jul 1st to 30th, 2023

This immersive exhibition at the Art Society of Kingston pushes artistic boundaries, showcasing diverse works tokenized on the blockchain. Experience ephemeral performances, poetry, music, street art, and more, transformed into collectible tokens. Witness mesmerizing 3D motion and animation, AI-generated art, glitch art, and the cultural impact of the internet.

Discover the benefits of tokenizing physical art and enhancing it with augmented reality. The NFT Art Show transcends geographical limitations, connecting artists and collectors worldwide in a virtual metaverse. Co-curated by Joe Mangrum of The Arts Society of Kingston and Colborn Bell of the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA) Kingston, NY, this exhibition embraces inclusivity and collaboration.

Join the panel discussion on Saturday, July 22nd at 2 pm, at The Arts Society of Kingston 97 Broadway, Kingston NY 12401 featuring esteemed panelists Bryan Brinkman, Antonius Oki Wiriadjaja (Foodmasku), Dr. Lemny Perez, Quantum Variant, and Joe Mangrum. Delve into the world of NFT art, exploring the cutting-edge intersection of digital art and blockchain technology at The NFT Art Show.