Keynote Talk at Crypto Art Seoul
I just returned from South Korea, where I had the honour to give the keynote talk about the essence of crypto art.

Sep 5th to 7th, 2023

The Essence of Crypto Art

My keynote about the Essence of Crypto Art

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About Crypto Art Seoul

Highlights Video of Crypto Art Seoul 2023
Art Highlights at Crypto Art Seoul

Crypto Art Seoul is Asia’s premier Crypto Art event focusing on challenging the traditional art world’s perspective to see the bigger picture. Crypto art’s ever-growing momentum, paired with Korea’s Hongik spirit – that all of us should serve for the good of all mankind –, will resonate in a fiery crescendo during this year’s celebration of art and innovation.

Supported by the Seoul Tourism Organization, Crypto Art Seoul will be held annually for the next five years. For its first edition, the theme and topic of Crypto Art Seoul is “Hardforking Humanity.” Crypto art is naturally a “hard fork” in our paradigm, where the innate convergence of art, technology, and networks deliver astounding revelations of what art could be and do. We are gathering to discuss this unforeseen innovation and what this means for our shared ecosystem and collective future. Crypto Art Seoul website