New Video Podcast with Sovrn
I spoke with the Sovrn team about my upcoming generative art series Noctilucent Mementi.

Oct 11th, 2023

Last week, I spoke with Sovrn co-founders Pindar van Arman and Ezra Shibboleth about my path into the crypto art world, my passion for clouds and their symbolism, as well as my upcoming generative art series, Noctilucent Mementi, which will drop in a little over a week on the Sovrn platform. Tune in as we unpack the many references, influences, and underlying numerology of the collection.

Youtube link to Sovrn video podcast episode 2

Sovrn Episode Overview

  • How did you first come into the world of crypto and cryptoart? 0:21
  • Your early works seem to grapple with the potential meanings of tokens and digital assets. What was the landscape of ideas like in 2018 when you minted your first works? 5:30
  • A theme in your work seems to be the translation of data into metaphor – how do clouds serve as metaphors for digital worlds and your personal world? 12:30
  • You mention the phrase: “Noctilucent Clouds are invisible memories, glowing when revisited.” How do you see the relationship between tokenized art and memory/ preservation? 22:52
  • How are time, place and personal history represented in this collection? 22:47
  • What is your process for transforming photographs into digital generative artworks? 28:30
  • What is the significance of numerology in this collection and in your life? 33:50
  • You mention Spencer Finch’s tape paintings as an influence in your visual style. Are there other artists or thinkers who inform this style? 31:50
  • Why did you choose to work with Sovn? 37:45
  • NFTs have been declared dead many times over. Why do you think they persist despite their many deaths? And what do you see for the future of digital assets and crypto art? 43:42

About the Sovrn:

Sovrn Art is an indie drop studio for sovereign artists. Sovrn Art was co-founded by Pindar Van Arman, Justin Highland and Ezra Shibboleth. Artists have 100% control of their Sovrn contracts, with full ownership of their art and royalties.

Spotify link to the Sovrn podcast episode 2