The Boston Globe interviewed me for a feature on Jason Bailey's (Artnome) new startup Club NFT.

Feb 22nd, 2022

Kohli, Diti: A Framingham startup could find a forever home for your NFTs. Club NFT is in the business of ensuring your digital collectibles don’t disappear. The Boston Globe, February 22nd, 2022:


… More than half have given Club NFT the address to their cryptocurrency wallet, which directs users to their digital assets. In November, the startup began scanning buyers’ portfolios. And on Valentine’s Day, Club NFT sent 20 terabytes of downloadable links to collectors via e-mail — for free.

The concept fascinates Martin Lukas Ostachowski, an artist from Montreal who signed up for an early trial.

His 400- to 500-piece NFT collection mostly comprises digital art from small creators — pieces he likes to revisit and admire. It dates to 2018, but Ostachowski said he has not always done his “due diligence” and lost several early files. The startup’s technology could ensure the safety of his NFTs, both as works of art and as investments, he said.

“The blockchain is something that is constantly evolving, and it is intangible,” Ostachowski said. “A lot of people don’t consider that the whole space is very fragile. It could disappear. I want my NFTs to still be mine if that happens.” …