For Ukraine - SuperRare Artists Support the Cause
A selection of SuperRare artists created artwork in support of Ukraine and donated the proceeds.

Mar 4th, 2022

Like millions of people around the world watching the brutal war unfold in Ukraine, the SuperRare community is moved to support the Ukrainian people in their struggle. A selection of artists has harnessed their diverse creative talents to raise funds for Ukraine. Each artist has committed to donating proceeds from these auctions to charities and organizations supporting Ukrainian relief efforts. SuperRare Labs will match the 15% commission that the SuperRare DAO receives from all primary sales, up to $50,000 total across the different artworks in the Feature, to the same charity as the artists’ donations.

SuperRare Labs is separately contributing directly to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine through organizations that are providing critical support on the ground. We encourage our community to donate directly to any aid relief efforts through intergovernmental organizations and nonprofit organizations.

Participating Artists

Fabio Catapano, Louis Dazy, Victor Fota, Lorenzo Quinn, Mark Constantine Inducil, Flora Borsi, Krista Kim, Niro Perrone, XCOPY, Olive Allen, Camibus, Roya Ghassemi, Roman Noven & Tania Shcheglova, Martin Lukas Ostachowski