Cloud Artist Martin Lukas Ostachowski Uses Playform
Mirabelle Alan interviewed me in this feature of creators on the AI platform Playform.

May 28th, 2021

Alan, Mirabelle: “Cloud Artist” Martin Lukas Ostachowski Uses Playform to Explore the Connection Between Blockchain and Clouds (May 27th, 2021):


[…] Playform: You’re identified as an artist who “explores geometric abstraction and minimalism, using physical and digital languages through the use of technologies like blockchain.” Can you expand more on this?

Martin: In general I always found that artists should always use the tools they have at their disposal. I think it’s interesting to use tools that are mixing the traditional and the modern. So before I started with blockchain, I used industrial processes; for instance, I would laser cut sheets and then weave into them, or I would paint and then use augmented reality on that painting. I’ve always tried to play with elements that are both traditional and modern, I think that contrast in general in all aspects of life brings freshness. Contrast plays a large role in my art. I used to always like fine lines and clear contours, and then I began working with the idea of clouds. […]