Artnet News Kenny Schachter Has A Message for All You NFT Skeptics
I highlighted a few crypto artists and artworks for Kenny's latest column in Artnet news.

Jan 20th, 2022

Schachter, Kenny: Kenny Schachter Has a Message for All You NFT Skeptics: Crypto Art Just Paid for My IRL New Apartment. Our columnist has a bone to pick with one NFT naysayer in particular. Artnet News, January 20th, 2022:


… Moving on — time to focus on the positives, too, and they’re almost too numerous to mention when it comes to working artists. Martin Lucas Ostachowski, an artist and internet chronicler has compiled the definitive history of blockchain art (both before and after NFTs) points out that some artists are even using the medium for activism. “Mexican artist Lucho Poletti for instance analyzed propaganda art and used its language to create multi-language artworks to educate about cryptocurrencies,” he writes.

Simon de la Rouviere, meanwhile, created This Artwork Is Always on Sale (2019), which requires the owner “to pay an annual 5 percent patronage fee based on the last purchasing price,” Ostachowski writes …