Podcast Guest at the Matthew and Rizzle Show 2022
I am excited to kick off 2022 as the first guest on the Matthew and Rizzle Show podcast.

Jan 6th, 2022

As a long-time listener, I was looking forward to participating in the 166th episode of the Matthew and Rizzle Show, and the first episode of the year. I also participated in the Foxyoga Lab Listening Party with over 200 listeners in the TokenSmart Discord channel.

In a nutshell, we covered my journey into the crypto art space, my artistic practice and, my documentation of the crypto art history and previewed my upcoming artwork on Async. 

Episode Introduction

This week Matthew and Rizzle spoke with the fine digital artist and crypto art historian @MLOdotArt aka Martin Lukas Ostachowski. Martin takes us back into time and traces his creative journey, which brought him into the world of crypto art where, in addition to being an artist, he has been logging the epic history of this burgeoning space on his site mlo.art/history

This was an insanely fun conversation, and all the more special because Martin is a long-time MARS listener. We only scratched the surface of crypto art, so look forward to Martin coming back on soon to dive even further into all the fascinating history that’s already occurred in this space. 

About the Matthew & Rizzle Show:

Co-hosts Matthew & Rizzle interview the most interesting projects, artists, and creators in the NFT & crypto spaces since 2019.