Animation of Python-processed frames and 3D models based on painted, photographed and generative tiles
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Artwork Description

This artwork is part of the ‘Known, Uncertain, Unknown: My Past, Present, and Future’ triptych, a visual reflection on my first blockchain-related artwork and the development of my artistic practice over the past six years of creating crypto art. The animations draw upon transtemporal theory, in which the states of the past, present, and future are not necessarily mutually exclusive but continually influence each other. They are connected by my overarching theme of using clouds as a symbol for blockchain technology.

“Known Past” explores my early years as a painter and interdisciplinary artist, engaging predominantly in physical practices such as weaving and sculpting.

“Uncertain Present” represents my increased use of digital practices and new media while further developing my physical series through a combination of industrial and craft processes such as laser-cutting, 3D printing, and weaving.

“Unknown Future” suggests my further growth into generative concepts, installations, and attempts to blend the physical and digital realms, among others, through stamped and painted visualizations and electronics.

While the triptych was tokenized based on the artist’s contract, 10% of the primary sale will be shared with the Morrow Collective upon purchase. Additionally, please note that along with these three unique artworks, there is an editioned collage comprising all three pieces exclusively reserved for the participating artists, research advisors, and holders of my generative Noctilucent Mementi series. These individuals continue to shape my past, present, and future.

Released for the {R(Evolutionaries);generations} group exhibition at Art Dubai 2024 with Morrow Collective.

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1,080 x 1,920 px
Feb 26, 2024
Edition 1 of 1
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Feb 26, 2024
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