Known Uncertain Unknown - My Past Present and Future series
My new series visually reflected of my first Blockchain-related artwork and my past six years of crypto art.

Feb 27th, 2024

In “Known, Uncertain, Unknown: My Past, Present, and Future,” a triptych, I visually explored my initial venture into blockchain art and reflected on the transformative journey of my artistic practice throughout the past six years in crypto art.

Embracing transtemporal theory, the animations depicted the fluid interaction among past, present, and future states, emphasizing their continuous influence on one another. Clouds served as a symbolic representation of blockchain technology, uniting the thematic elements.

“Known Past” delved into the formative years of my career as a painter and interdisciplinary artist, during which I primarily focused on physical mediums like weaving and sculpting.

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In “Uncertain Present,” I portrayed my exploration of digital practices and new media and refined my physical series by incorporating industrial and craft techniques like laser-cutting, 3D printing, and weaving.

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“Unknown Future” hinted at my forthcoming exploration of generative concepts, installations, and endeavours to merge the physical and digital domains. This included utilizing stamped and painted visualizations alongside electronic elements.

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Furthermore, it’s important to mention that in addition to the three distinct artworks, there exists an editioned collage featuring all three pieces, exclusively designated for participating artists, research advisors, and holders of my generative Noctilucent Mementi series. These individuals are pivotal in shaping my past, present, and future.

Featured in the {R(Evolutionaries); generations} group exhibition at Art Dubai 2024, a collaborative effort with Morrow Collective.