New Artwork Failsafe Architecture
The new artwork merged physical with digital art and was co-created with rain/clouds.

Apr 4th, 2021

An individual transaction is like one square stamp on a sheet of paper filled with square stamps. While each mark is unique, they all appear alike. Cryptographic hashes and smart contracts standardize transactions to look similar, which misleads many newcomers into considering themselves anonymous. 

However, with every additional transaction, the boundaries start to blend together. More trades and engagements in the crypto community expose the sphere’s pseudo-anonymity. The transactions become traceable because the blockchain is a permanent ledger of every transaction since its inception. One must know that their identity will ultimately poke out of all the alphanumerical hashes. 

Engagement Draws Traceablity

Engagement Draws Traceability is an animation of 16 rubber-stamped sheets of paper exposed in increasing five-minute intervals to rain. It is part of my current body of work entitled Network of Hope, which uses artwork to empower and educate about blockchain technology. In my work, I continuously explore clouds as both a subject and a medium. I am particularly interested in merging physical and digital artworks and co-creating with clouds in the form of rain.