Talking About Art and the Blockchain by Charlotte Kent essay
Charlotte Kent introduced crypto art in a traditional art world context for CLOT magazine.

Mar 22nd, 2021

Kent, Charlotte: Talking about Art and the Blockchain, CLOT Magazine. London, UK, (March 22th, 2021):


[…] Numerous projects exist in the conceptual realm that address the technology directly. Primavera de Filippi’s Plantoid (2015), Martin Nadal’s Bitcoin Traces (2017), Simon de la Riviere’s This Artwork is Always On Sale (2019), Ma[r]t[in] Ostachowski’s cloud works (ongoing), among others, are conceptually sophisticated engagements with blockchain that were largely ignored. They dealt directly with the technology and its applications, making them challenging for those who hadn’t yet grappled with blockchain fundamentals. I expect a return to these early works and more work developed in response to the technology and its operations.  […]