Crypto Art Curation - The Outer Realm Podcast preview
I spoke with Eric Paul Rhodes about my artistic practice and the history of crypto art.

Jul 19th, 2021

The Outer Realm Podcast
with Eric Paul Rhodes

Episode Introduction

Martin Lukas Ostachowski is a crypto artist who explores geometric abstraction and minimalism. He also documents the blockchain and crypto art history on his website. We discuss his business background, the role curation plays in crypto art, and his latest async art drum. We chat about starting his own web design agency at 13, how art myths are made, and whether or not Michelangelo made forgeries. 

Martin also shares the new use he found for his high school sketchbook and what radio and TV have in common with NFT and galleries. Tune in to find out how Martin documents crypto art history! 

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Episode Transcript:

Key points discussed

  • A bookworm with a sketchbook and colored pens (00:00)
  • The beginnings: graphic design, media management and aviation (04:57) 
  • Bohemian lifestyle artists are not the norm (09:38)
  • If you want to keep making art, you have to get paid (18:36)
  • Always bring your sketchbook with you (24:18)
  • The transition from physical to crypto (33:27)
  • Co-writing the first paper on crypto art (43:40)
  • Documenting crypto art history – this is how MLO does it (52:18)
  • You cannot censor people just because you don’t like the art – that’s not curation (58:05)
  • Getting towards platform-independent NFT standards (01:07:00)
  • Transparency in crypto art – both beautiful and scary (01:13:00)
  • What MLO plans next as an artist and a historian (01:17:00)