Keynote Talk at Crypto Art Seoul

Keynote at Crypto Art Seoul

I just returned from South Korea, where I had the honour to give the keynote talk about the essence of crypto art.

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How to Do Your Own Research - Interview Nancy Baker Cahill and Nina Roehrs for Right Click Save

How to Do Your Own Research

Nancy Baker-Cahill interviewed DYOR curator Nina Roehrs about curating the historical crypto art exhibition in Zurich.

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CADAF Art Fair New York City

CADAF Art Fair

CADAF hosted its 5th digital art fair at the Web3 Gallery in New York and featured three of my artworks.

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DYOR Do Your Own Research - Exhibition at Kunsthalle Zurich

DYOR Do Your Own Research

I created an installation for an institutional group exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zurich curated by Nina Roehrs.

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Bitcoin Art Gallery 2022 in Miami Florida

Bitcoin Art Gallery 2022

I will be exhibiting at the Bitcoin Art Gallery during the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, Florida.

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URL Group Exhibition IRL art Denver Colorado

U’R,L Group Exhibition

IRL Art and the Museum of Crypto Art invited ten artists to revisit pieces in the collection collaboratively.

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Papier Exhibition Esperanto Gallery and Studios Markham

Papier Exhibition

Papier showcased innovative paper artworks at Esperanto gallery in Markham, ON.

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CADAF Crypto & Digital Art Fair Paris

CADAF Online Paris

I exhibited at the Paris edition of CADAF, the art fair dedicated to digital and contemporary art.

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Bitcoin Art Gallery Group Exhibition Bitcoin 2021

Bitcoin Art Gallery

Bitcoin Art Gallery was an international showcase of Bitcoin artists during the Bitcoin 2021 conference.

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Ephimera: Hello World!

Ephimera featured one of my artworks in their announcement to support for bigger digital art files.

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The FIrst Step - Blog Post 2014

The First Step

My inaugural blog post documented the start of my journey towards my first solo exhibition.

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