Ephimera featured one of my artworks in their announcement to support for bigger digital art files.

Dec 14th, 2020

Hello World!, Ephimera Magazine. Toronto, ON (December 14th, 2021): https://magazine.ephimera.com/hello-world/


[…] With video artists in mind, Ephimera supports an industry-leading 250mb maximum file size. This makes many of the artworks currently on the marketplace among the largest artworks ever tokenized. Our goal with this feature was to ensure creators did not have to sacrifice on resolution and sound quality when uploading their artwork to IPFS. The result has been some incredible audiovisual experiences, like Martin Lukas Ostachowski’s “Windows of Opportunity — Two YULDFW”; an animated collage of photographs he captured on flights between Montreal and Dallas, accompanied by the familiar sounds of modern air travel. Also making use of the potential for larger file support is Gemini Rising’s “Woman I Am”; a 175mb ‘mini musical’ exploring the objectification of the female body in the 1930’s golden era of Hollywood musicals. […]