Art Market Grows with CI Bloom in Hürriyet Daily News
Hürriyet Daily News featured my participation in the Contemporary Istanbul art fair.

May 11th, 2022

Utkan Özden, Hatice: Art market grows with CI Bloom, Hürriyet Daily News, May 11th, 2022: 


It is well known that Istanbul’s one and only art fair, Contemporary Istanbul (CI), grows each year with new plans. This year the fair invites 23 galleries to start the summer with a bloom in the market. Starting today until May 15, CI Bloom gathers 23 established galleries at Tersane Istanbul. The fair aims to energize the art scene, Contemporary Istanbul chair Ali Güreli says. …

CI Bloom will also be hosting an NFT exhibition, curated by MoCDA: Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. “Digital Horizons: The New State of the Art” is a group show featuring 20 NFTs selected in collaboration with international art collectors. The display aims at presenting the state of contemporary digital art by looking at the pivotal roles played by Collectibles and Fine Art NFTs in the understanding and popularization of collecting digital art. …

The artworks made to be traded and collected on the blockchain provoke the contemporary art connoisseur by looking at digital culture and computer science as their prime source of inspiration. If the colourful style of XCOPY shares an underlying interest in the fast-paced rhythm of online life, Pak’s works propose a creative approach to math and numbers. Mario Klingemann and Sofia Crespo explore the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence with works delving deep into the wildest dreams of machines. Martin Lukas Ostachowski and Oficinas TK collaborated to examine the sculptural quality of the digital mediascape, the same that led Sarah Zucker to develop an art style inspired by the almost otherworldly omnipresent presence of screens in our life Zucker’s interest in pop culture is shared with Beeple, whose works act as modern twists on the memento mori formula, imagining popular pop icons rotting in a not-so-distant future. …

Contemporary Istanbul / CI Bloom

CI Bloom took place in Tersane Istanbul on May 10-15, with 34,700 visitors attending the new art fair organized by Contemporary Istanbul. The fair brought together 23 leading Turkish contemporary art galleries, with sales reaching 84%.