NFT in America Interview Martin Lukas Ostachowski
NFT in America released this recorded interview about crypto art, its history, values and education.

May 19th, 2022

You can watch my NFT in America interview below, it was recorded during its inaugural event in Los Angeles in March. I spoke with Michael Deet about the history of crypto art, my artistic processes and my passion for clouds, my co-authored position paper on crypto art and which opinions changed, governance in the crypto space and the need for unbiased education.

Video Structure

00:00 – Tell us about yourself and your background.
01:20 – You started the ‘History of Crypto Art.’ What motivated that? Are you a natural historian?
03:40 – You’re know as the could artists. Can you explain how this came about?
05:00 – Can you define ‘overtokenization?’
07:10 – Do you think the space will need more governance soon?
08:22 – Why is education in this space so important?
12:58 – What do you think the future holds for NFT in America?

About NFT in America

Meet the NFT community in real life. ‘NFT in America’ event launched on Friday, March 25, 2022, at the legendary Montalbán Theater in Hollywood. As today’s society discovers the new craze and prepares for the impending flood of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and tokens, the community that has developed this once-niche industry can finally unite in Hollywood! ‘NFT in America’ celebrates creators and endorses the curation of Art & digital collectibles. Highlighted by exclusive speaking presentations from 15 leading NFT artists, specialists, influencers & industry leaders who will present a series of provocative discussions on critical industry topics. Theme: Art & Collectibles, a detailed exploration into creation, curation, trades and trends. Global versions in America, Europe and Asia will generate unforgettable experiences to live intellectual audiences for years to come.

Formed in Paris in 2009, Motion Plus Design is an undisputed global pioneer within the space of motion design events – featuring past speakers like Beeple, PAK, Kyle Cooper and Woodkid. In 2022, they proudly introduce the World Premiere Launch of its latest innovative event: “NFT in America!” Curated by Colborn Bell, Micol and Han.