MoCDA founder Serena Tabacchi curates Cloud Sphere
MoCDA founder Serena Tabacchi curated my Cloud Sphere One as the first KnownOrigin guest curator.

Apr 8th, 2020

Moore, David, Featured artworks & guest editors, Medium. (April 8th, 2020):


Serena Tabacchi, founder and director at MoCDA, the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art:

[…] Martin’s work is harmonious and calming. When I met Martin we spoke about the connection between the clouds series and the Blockchain technology. We went on discussing how the clouds resemble the existence of data on-chain, speculating on the fact that nothing is ever-changing, and it is inevitably connected. […]

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Tokenized Cloud Sphere One

Tokenized Cloud Sphere One (YYZ to MCO)
Digital Original
3,450 x 3,450 px / JPG
Limited Edition Print of 5
Archival print with augmented reality layer (view with Artivive app)
16 x 16 in. / 40.6 x 40.6 cm

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