New Video Podcast with Jake Gallen
This was a fun conversation with Jake Gallen about the early years in crypto art, my art practice, and crypto art history.

Feb 14th, 2023

I recently participated in the 250th episode of the Jack Gallen Podcast. During the podcast, Jack and I talked about my early years in crypto art, my artistic practice, and the history of crypto art. It was an insightful discussion, and I enjoyed sharing my experiences and knowledge with Jack and his listeners.

Youtube link to Jake Gallen podcast episode 250

Episode Introduction

Martin Ostachowski is an early Super Rare NFT Artist & NFT Historian. Since beginning his art journey with Geometric abstraction & minimalism, Martin applied this to the NFT world in 2018. He is a highly received artist who travels the world speaking on NFT art and the History of NFTs.

About the Podcast:

Formerly known as The Guest List Podcast, the Jake Gallen Podcast currently features leaders, creators, and innovators from across the Crypto industry.

Spotify link to the Jake Gallen podcast episode 250