History in Your Hands by Domenico Quaranta for Outland Art
Domenico Quaranta reviewed our group exhibition DYOR Do Your Own Research for Outland Art.

Jan 12th, 2023

Quaranta, Domenico: History in Your Hands. Outland Art, January 12th, 2023: https://outland.art/dyor-kunsthalle-zurich/


A major exhibition about NFTs at Kunsthalle Zürich invites visitors not just to contemplate but to curate and collect …

Roehrs managed to do this by decentering herself as curator. Almost everyone involved in “DYOR” took on some level of organizational authority. After dancing in front of Play Record Mint, you enter the Pepe the Frog Space, curated by Fabian Wyss (aka FWD) with help from Fake Rares, a group that creates and collects Rare Pepe memes on the Counterparty blockchain. The making of this colorful, attractive parlor involved more than sixty creators, with exhibits including handmade paintings and drawings, a vinyl on a customized turntable, a neon Nakamoto portrait, a lifesize Pepe puppet, a giant Pepe window sticker, and digital animations. Further along in the exhibition, important contextual information is provided in two discursive installations: Cumulonimbus Murus (2022), in which Martin Lukas Ostachowski uses his own visual work to frame the timeline he compiled of crypto art’s history; and Crypto Glossary (2022), a wallpaper installation and edition of trading cards produced as a collaboration between Adina Glickstein and Moxarra Gonzales. Elsewhere, there are projects that expand the exhibition virtually …

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