DYOR Do Your Own Research Kunsthalle Zurich - Group Exhibition in Switzerland Poster
I created an installation for the group exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zurich curated by Nina Roehrs.

Oct 8th, 2022 to Jan 15th, 2023


DYOR (do your own research) is a dictum of the crypto scene. The principle is that one should do one’s own investigation rather than believing all that is read. The exhibition reveals to visitors what is, for many, a new world: art in the context of blockchain and NFTs.

Curated by Nina Roehrs, DYOR focuses on artists, projects and platforms that have had a significant influence on how the crypto art scene has developed and is today. This history and an ever-changing present come together in environments, both analogue and digital, which invite visitors to get involved.

With Adina Glickstein, AERAONE, Alth0tas, Andreas Gysin, Anna Ridler and David Pfau, Art Blocks (featuring Emily Xie, Matt DesLauriers and Tyler Hobbs), Async (featuring Alotta Money, Ashira Fox, Coldie, DiGiTAL, Farnell Newton, Hackatao, Hilton Wright II, Ishita Banerjee, Josie Bellini, lurklovesyou, Matt Kane, MG O’Shea, Mlibty, Pat-Dimitri, Pop Wonder, Rutger van der Tas, Shortcut, Sparrow, Tania del Rio, Terra Naomi, Vans Design, weinbagzvault, XCOPY and Zachary Winterton), Banz & Bowinkel, Bitcoin Basement, Botto, BucaPunk, Christian Langalis, Crypsi, Cryptograffiti, CryptoWiener, DADA Collective, Damien Hirst, Darkfarms, Darky, Dim Zayan, Ditacrypto, Emblematix, EverDreamSoft, Fake Annie, FWD, Gianni Arone (aka LOVEBEING), Grant Riven Yun, grnqrtr, Harm van den Dorpel, Hitomi Matsui, Jan Robert Leegte, Johannes Gees, Johnny Johnsonson, Jonas Lund, Jose Burrito, Kelian Maissen, Kenny Schachter, Kevin Abosch, Kim Asendorf, Larva Labs, Luis Simo, MandarineMarie, Manuel Rossner, Marcus Connor, Martin Lukas Ostachowski (featuring Christian Langalis, Cryptograffiti, EverDreamSoft, Kevin Abosch, Marcus Connor, Martin Lukas Ostachowski and Rhea Myers), Matt Kane (featuring Alotta Money, Bård Ionson, Coldie, Giant Swan, GISELXFLOREZ, Hackatao, hexeosis, Josie Bellini, Lawrence Lee, Matt Kane, Mlibty, Oficinas TK, Shortcut, skeenee, Sparrow, Vans Design and XCOPY), Maxim Zhestkov, MBTC, MOCA (featuring Kirk Finkel / untitled, xyz), Moxarra Gonzales, Nancy Baker Cahill, Netidx, Nikolina Petolas, Norman Comics, Olive Allen, Pepenardo, playrecordmint.xyz (featuring Leander Herzog and Sasha Stiles), Prateek Dhiman, Rafaël Rozendaal, Rare Scrilla, Rarejay, Rhea Myers, ROBNESS, Rochigg, Sarah Friend, Sarah Meyohas, Sarah Zucker, Sebastian Schmieg & Silvio Lorusso, Shewolf, Simon Denny, Snark.art (featuring Eve Sussman / Misha Libman), Snuxton Pack, Tasha Moon, Tek x Porkchop, terra0, Tomopen, VincentVanDough, Viva la Vandal, XCOPY (featuring gremplin, JAKE THE DEGEN, Kristy Glas, Lumps, neurocolor, SHZZM, XCOPY and Zenoyis), Yotet and many more…

The exhibition DYOR is realized thanks to the support of the Bundesamt für Kultur and the Fachstelle Kultur of the Canton of Zürich in the framework of the Covid Financial Support “Transformationsprojekte.”