Diminti & MOCA - NFT Sundays with Colborn Bell and Martin Lukas Ostachowski
I really enjoyed this video podcast with Colborn about my art and the early years of crypto art.

Aug 7th, 2022

DMINTI just published this video podcast with MOCA founder and dear friend Colborn Bell, which we recorded back in spring. I really enjoyed the conversation, and I hope so do you.

Youtube link to the DMINTI x MOCA podcast episode 26

Episode Introduction

Artist and historian Martin Lukas Ostachowski talks about art, academic underpinnings of web 3, transparency, access and more with the ever insightful Colborn Bell!
Martin Lukas Ostachowski is an artist based in Canada who explores geometric abstraction and minimalism using physical and digital languages through the use of technologies like blockchain.

About the Podcast:

The DMINTI x MOCA Podcast (NFT Sundays) is a weekly video podcast hosted by Colborn Bell of the Museum of Crypto Art and DMINTI. For each episode we engage in long format interviews with artists, curators, technologists, and other thought leaders and share news and educational segments. DMINTI x MOCA (NFT Sundays) unpacks complexities found in the burgeoning cultural and artistic modalities of the NFT, the metaverse, and Web3.

Spotify link to the DMINTI X MOCA podcast episode 26